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Woodland Wedding



January 2024

Happy New Year From ASPEN Events.

Whether you are recently engaged over the festive period or a 2024 bride ramping up your planning it's an exciting time and no doubt a time that involves viewing venues or planning your special touches for the one you've already booked.

This months blog is all about considering your venues space, looking at how you might want to section it to suit your day.

Each venue is so beautifully unique as are the couples getting wed and we think this is such an important consideration to make the most of your venue and give it that unique touch!

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Your wedding day is a celebration of love, bringing together family and friends to witness and share in your joy. To make this special day even more memorable, consider the art of sectioning at your wedding, allowing you to create distinct areas that cater to different needs and preferences of your guests. Enter ASPEN Events, your partner in crafting unique spaces that leave a lasting impression.


One of the standout features ASPEN Events brings to the table is their expertise in designing personalised sections tailored to your wedding theme. Imagine a wicker outdoor set where guests can gather, chat, and sip on their drinks, surrounded by the beauty of nature. This charming outdoor oasis provides a relaxed atmosphere.


For families attending your celebration, ASPEN Events understands the importance of keeping the little ones entertained while maintaining the overall theme of your wedding. The children's area they can create is not just fun but also in harmony with the aesthetics of your special day.


Indoor or outdoor, ASPEN Events has you covered when it comes to entertaining your guests. The inclusion of carefully selected games adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your wedding, creating a lively atmosphere and fostering camaraderie among attendees. These setups can be customized to match the overall vibe of your wedding, ensuring everyone has a great time.


When it comes to sectioning at your wedding, it's crucial to consider the venue's space and layout. This is where ASPEN Events truly shines, offering their expertise to help you identify the perfect areas for each element of your celebration. With their guidance, you can maximize the potential of your venue, ensuring that every section complements the overall theme and enhances the overall experience for you and your guests.


IASPEN Events is your go-to partner for creating unique and unforgettable wedding. Whether it's a cozy outdoor gathering, a delightful children's area, or an engaging games setup, their expertise ensures that each section enhances the magic of your special day and enhances the beauty of your venue. Trust ASPEN Events to transform your wedding into a celebration that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

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Black and White Classic Weddings

November 2023

About Me.

Timeless Elegance: Styling Your Wedding with Classic Black and White at ASPEN Events

We’ve been inspired by the buzz of Black Friday to write blog post on creating and styling your wedding with classic Black and White.

At ASPEN Events, we love the beauty of a classic black and white wedding. The timeless combination of these two colours creates an atmosphere of sophistication that we love. Our passion lies in curating events that seamlessly blend the classic and the contemporary, and there's no better canvas than the elegance of black and white.

The simplicity of black and white allows us to play with textures, and at ASPEN Events, we love incorporating natural materials that enhance the overall aesthetic. From rustic wooden signage to floral centrepieces, our goal is to create an environment that feels both classic and inviting.

Opt for sleek black linens on tables, or consider black and white striped table runners for a touch of playful sophistication

Incorporate natural materials to add warmth and depth to the aesthetic. Wooden elements, such as farmhouse tables or chairs, create a harmonious balance and introduce a rustic charm to the otherwise crisp palette. Floral arrangements play a pivotal role—choose white blooms paired with dark green foliage to enhance the contrast.


Also think about how you experiment with textures to elevate the visual interest of your decor. Matte black dinnerware, metallic accents, and textured fabrics can contribute layers of dimension to the overall design. Personalize the space with monogrammed details, from invitations to place cards, for a sophisticated touch.

We have made many of our pieces available in black to use as a base or backdrop to complement a more classic black and white themed wedding.


As you envision your dream wedding, let us guide you in achieving the perfect balance of classic black and white with a touch of natural beauty.


Contact us to discuss how ASPEN Events can bring your vision to life, creating a stunning celebration that reflects the timeless elegance you've always dreamed of.


Your classic black and white wedding awaits—let us make it unforgettable.

Rustic Weddings
October 2023

About Me.

Here at ASPEN Events When it comes to wedding themes, there's a timeless charm in the rustic aesthetic. Rustic weddings blend the beauty of the great outdoors with the warmth of intimate gatherings. To achieve this magical atmosphere, natural materials take centre stage. From wood to wildflowers and stones, there are countless ways to weave nature into your big day. In this blog post, we'll explore how to style a rustic wedding using different natural materials that will infuse your celebration with an earthy, romantic, and effortlessly elegant vibe.

Wooden Wonders

Wood is the quintessential natural material for rustic weddings. It's versatile, warm, and effortlessly complements other textures and colors. Here's how you can incorporate wooden elements into your rustic wedding decor:


  • Rustic Wooden Signs: Welcome your guests with hand-painted wooden signs. They can guide attendees to different parts of your venue or even display your love story.


  • Wooden Aisle Markers: Line your ceremony aisle with wooden stakes adorned with flowers, hanging mason jars, or lanterns. It creates a dreamy and natural pathway.


  • Rustic Centerpieces: Wooden tree slices make perfect bases for your centerpieces. Arrange mason jars, wildflowers, and candles for a simple yet charming look.


  • Wooden Archways: Exchange your vows under a beautifully decorated wooden arch. Adorn it with flowers, greenery, and soft fabrics to create a stunning backdrop.


  • Wooden Tables: Wooden farm tables add warmth to your reception. Pair them with burlap runners, candles, and greenery for an effortlessly elegant tablescape.

Floral Flourish

No rustic wedding is complete without a generous dose of wildflowers and other rustic blooms:


  • Wildflower Bouquets: Opt for loose, wildflower-inspired bouquets with a mix of daisies, sunflowers, baby's breath, and more. These bouquets are effortlessly beautiful and perfectly align with the rustic aesthetic.


  • Wildflower Centrepieces: Scatter mason jars or wooden boxes filled with wildflowers on your tables. Mix and match colours and varieties for an authentic, meadow-inspired look.


  • Floral Garlands: Create beautiful garlands of eucalyptus, lavender, and other rustic greens. These garlands can adorn your ceremony arch, reception tables, or even hang as decoration.

Linens and Lace


Linens and lace add a soft, romantic contrast to the rugged elements of a rustic wedding:


  • Lace Tablecloths: For an added touch of elegance, choose lace tablecloths to overlay your wooden tables. The delicate patterns of lace beautifully complement the rugged wood.


  • Linen Napkins: Opt for linen napkins in earthy tones. They provide a soft and practical touch to your place settings.

Candlelight Ambiance

Candles are a must for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at your rustic wedding:


  • Mason Jar Lanterns: Place candles inside mason jars or hurricane lanterns. Hang them from tree branches, shepherd's hooks, or even along your reception tables for an intimate glow.


  • Candlelit Pathways: Light up your pathways with candles in rustic lanterns. It not only creates a romantic ambiance but also guides your guests in the evening.


Let your creativity flow, and let the beauty of nature be your guide as you plan your rustic wedding that will stand the test of time.

Here at ASPEN Events we love a rustic wedding and if you would like us to help create the most perfect setting for your rustic wedding day please do contact us.

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